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Instruments donated to the Peninsula Youth Orchestra silent auction:

These artworks sold at a silent auction on June 30, 2017 at the Peninsula Youth Orchestra Summer Gala. 

Painted Violins

"Painted Violins" was successful thanks to support from across the US — from New York to Washington state,   The event was created by Altrusa of Gig Harbor and Altrusa Foundation of Gig Harbor to support our Scholarship Fund for Peninsula Youth Orchestra students.

Not every child in Gig Harbor comes from a family with the resources to support a private education in music. In 1998, local public schools did not offer a strings program, which left a void. Local parents, with the help and support of Altrusa of Gig Harbor, worked to fill it. 

For nearly 20 years, the Peninsula Youth Orchestra has developed and nurtured young musicians and Altrusa has continued its support by providing scholarships for the children whose families need the help.

Painted Strings is a new effort to continue and expand scholarship support for students of this outstanding teaching orchestra.  To accomplish this goal, Altrusa acquired older, soon-to-be-discarded stringed instruments and invited local artists to convert them into beautiful works of art.  They were auctioned online during the month of June, 2017, and the net proceeds will be granted to the scholarship fund of Peninsula Youth Orchestra.

As always, we feel so blessed to be part of Altrusa and Gig Harbor.  Thank you all.

Our local community coming together to fill a local need.

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