Woodland Waterfall by Nancy Corey, Wanda Garrity, Paulette Hoflin, & Sandy Newhouse

Woodland Waterfall is a whimsical collaboration spearheaded by Sandy Newhouse, a multimedia artist, who worked with four other artists from Gallery Row Art Gallery to create this lovely cello.  List of artists:

  • Nancy Corey, glass fusion artist

  • Wanda Garrity, clay sculpture artist

  • Paulette Hoflin, jewelry & beaded sculpture artist

  • Sandy Newhouse, multimedia artist

  • Christine Thompson, acrylic painter


This cello is one of three pieces that will be auctioned off at an upcoming Peninsula Youth Orchestra event.  Time and date will be added as we receive the information


Nancy Corey, glass fusion artist

Nancy works mainly with transparent and iridescent glasses and tends toward Asian influenced pieces and abstract glass work. She is drawn to the Asian style because of its simplicity and clean lines.



Wanda Garrity, Fireblaze Pottery

"My life has been stimulated by the variety of beautiful things I’ve experienced in my travels.  I am very mechanically-oriented, which is carried to my pottery. My goal is to ensure each piece has a smooth flow from start to finish…to create beautiful pieces of art – both functional and decorative – in a variety of firing techniques to include Raku, Saggar, Carbon, and High-fired Porcelain.”




Paulette Hoflin, jeweler & beaded sculpture artist

I use beading techniques that have been around for thousands of years, combining minerals, crystals, rocks, and unusual beads of all sizes and shapes from all over the world into my own creations.  Each piece is original, one of a kind, and hand crafted.


When I start the process I pick the colors, texture, and size of beads. The design comes to me as I begin the construction of each piece. All beads are sewn one bead at a time (no glue) to achieve the desired results.  The colors in each exclusive piece are meant to help with creativity, healing, self-love, joy, laughter, playfulness, intuition, and enchanting wonderment.


Sandy Newhouse, multimedia artist

Sandy is a multimedia artist whose beautiful work can be viewed at:


Christine Thompson, 2D Visual Arts

I come to the visual arts by way of writing.  I started out on small newspapers and city magazines and then radio and television commercials and then of course, a novel.  My first novel, Blue Skies, was purchased but never published. But I was hooked. Eight published stories later, I found myself with not only massive changes in the publishing industry but also with three baby girls. The next twenty years were a blur. Then suddenly I had time on my hands and a need to make money. What did I turn to? Novel-writing and painting. But life is guaranteed to be hard work, one way or another, so one may as well enjoy it. All my life I’d been a frustrated painter, who, told early on, to forget it, always yearned anyway and the enthusiasum finally broke loose and there you have it.


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