5.  Intersectionality by Jill Neumeister

Is it a violin? Is it art? Or has it become another form - Raven?  (Raven is a symbol of transformation by the Native Northwest Coast People)

Intersectionality describes the hierarchical nature of power and how belonging to multiple discriminated classes can mean one’s issues are ignored. Women who are African American, Native American, or LGBTQ, can experience multiple threats of discrimination, such as racism and sexism, at the same time. These multiple oppressions are not each suffered separately but rather as a single, synthesized experience – another form of discrimination.


Jill Neumeister

I'm forever grateful for the creative talent gifted to me at birth. I'm a maker. I create, draw, paint and design. As the principal designer at Orca Design Group on Gig Harbor's Downtown waterfront, I help launch people's dreams through branding and marketing. The rest of my time is spent seeking adventures with family and friends, traveling the backroads of these western states by RV or motorcycle, championing causes I believe in, bicycling, kayaking and drinking good coffee.


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