2.  "Romance" by Doug Hohenstein (mandolin)

Doug Hohenstein

From the beginning of his life in Eastern Washington State, Doug Hohenstein was an artist.  The transition from crayons and chalk to watercolors and acrylics, and from modeling clay to wood sculpture was a maturing process that reflects experience, sensitivity and the gentle soul of someone who saw beauty everywhere he looked.  The variety of his media illustrates the enormous talent and skill that Doug has nurtured and honed through a lifetime of study.


After completing art school, Doug spent 25 years designing and illustrating award-winning art as a professional commercial artist.  His eye for color and design won him multiple awards, yet he never lost his passion for the fine arts.  Even his commercial work evolved into fine art pieces that major clients used to enhance the walls of their businesses.

The mandolin is a member of the lute family and was first invented in Italy in the 18th century.  With 8 strings, it is often considered one of the most romantic musical instruments.  My design reflects the romance and color of Italy.

Upon moving to the West Coast of Washington, and settling on the fringe of Gig Harbor’s quaint fishing village and artists’ colony twenty years ago, Doug focused his creative efforts purely on fine art:


Painting – in both acrylic and watercolor allowed him to develop very different techniques that lent themselves to a variety of subjects.  His acrylics range from soft and expressionist to vibrant and exuberant.  His watercolors capture a sense of serenity and time in magnificent detail.


Wood Sculpture—after studying for five years under Master Wood Sculptor Jim Smith of Tacoma, the artist mastered an entirely different media and gave birth to a new art form for his repertoire.  Doug can envision a nymph in a pine tree root or a playful street mime in solid alder trunk.  He brings a small chunk of poplar to life in the form of a frog or fish, then finds natural but painstaking finishes that animate the pieces even more expressively.


Stained Glass—by itself or combined with his work in wood and natural found items, Doug’s design talents turn a myriad of colors and textures into exquisite lamps and mosaics.  Photos of his works have graced international publications while the works themselves show in galleries and shows.


Printmaking—understanding that while most people appreciate the beauty of art but few can afford the price of an original, Doug has worked with old-style craftsmanship as well as technology to recreate most faithfully the color and spirit of his original works.

Doug continues to find and experiment new ways to capture the beauty of his world.  His works evolve and expand as he studies new techniques for media and form to reflect breathtaking moments in the world about him.   He has shown in regional galleries and continues to produce and sell his art through www.fineartnorthwest.com.


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