Altrusa has always included in its membership remarkable women. Eleanor Roosevelt was a great example. As an active and dedicated member of Altrusa of New York City, she changed the world.

Others whose names are not so well known began the tradition of Altrusa service when the first club was chartered in 1917, and have improved their communities every day since.

Today you will find Altrusans at work in cities, towns and villages around the world, touching the lives of children, families, and the elderly.

Have you thought about serving your community more actively and meeting new friends? Altrusa offers the perfect place to give and grow. We are actively inviting new members into our organization, and your energy, ideas and time are welcome; more than that, valued.

Help us make a difference. Together we can tackle projects that changes lives, lift up our community, and make a difference in ways large and small. That’s the work Altrusans take on with relish!

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